Kalamaris Foundatio

Our Mission:

  • By investing in research results, development and learning to achieve actively growing benefits for Bulgaria.

The Foundation is managed by members of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors consists of:

  • Ioakeim Kalamaris, MSE,MIQA, Manager, General Manager and Academic Advisor
  • Foundation leaders are 30 honorary members.

Objectives of the Foundation:

The main objective of the Foundation to define the national strategy for systematic research study of age, work and life of European History and Economics. The purpose of the Foundation is to operate nationally as a dynamic European Centre for Research and Training, representing the main point for assessing the coordination of research in the field work, age and life of the great politicians in ancient Greece and European philosophers, history without ideological bias and coercion and without local constraints. The Foundation will be free of restrictions and can move over the state hierarchy and structure of academic institutions. The Foundation is planning the following:

  • To create an archive collection of original documents and reproductions of documents of general and private collections.
  • To create an archive for collections of works of photographs and audio-visual materials and historical and economic artifacts.
  • To base a special library and special collection with copies linked to the objectives of The Foundation.
  • Improvement of research programs and coordination of research projects, implementing programs of foundations with Universities and other research institutes in Bulgaria and abroad to achieve the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Action in education, through educational programs and special events. Writing information guides and audio-video materials.
  • Compilation of developments for the economic life of Europe.
  • Award for writing on topics related to the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Organization of conferences, exhibitions, lectures and other events and also production of books of brochures from academic and educational character.
  • Collaborate with state, local governmental organizations, universities, research institutes, museums and other organizations in Bulgaria and abroad to support the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Establishment of the international prize "Key", which will be awarded to institutions or individuals who have made an important contribution to the European Economic life from ancient times until today.

  • Young Scientist Award - Bulgaria.