In search of Sparta

Идеята за създаване на blog води началото си от необходимостта за общуване, диалог, както и от реализирането на мислите на човека, насочени към разкриване на нови пространства за изява на разума. Основната цел е осъществяването на обмен на мнения по обществени, политически, икономически, но и по философски актуални въпроси на народите от нашата планета, доминирани от понятия като глобализация, свободна пазарна икономика, свобода на словото. От друга страна, изказвам пожеланието си да анализираме мненията на лидерите на епохата ни, на интелектуалците , на хората на знанията. Да осмислим най-после приноса им или не в реализирането на делата на бъдещото, което ни обещават. И това защото, непрекъснато говорим за плеоназъм на всички равнища – икономическо, обществено, политическо. Без да отчитаме дефицита на семейството, на интелигенцията и стeгнaция на благата на морала, на цивилизацията и на природата.

The resistance of logic and perfection is the truth, nothing can be wonderful and perfect if it is not true to what it was supposed to be, and if it does not possess everything it should have possessed.

Our happiness is a matter of our taste, not of objects. We are happy, as if we possess what we enjoy; and not what gives pleasure to others. We are never as happy as we imagine - and we are never as unhappy as we think we are.

Let us not forget the purpose of real politics, as well as its representatives.

Politics is the art of government. The politician draws the credibility of his work from the privilege that gives him the knowledge of his art. A privilege, that is not recognized by everyone. The restrictive condition of authentic knowledge and the stated reservation in terms of imitating dramatically narrows the total number of contenders for political power. Few can master the knowledge of the art of politics. Political science places upon the worthy politician an urgent task to take care of the education of citizens. The essence of this education is valour and prudence. Valiant and prudent citizens аre the material that the government will need in order to proceed with the construction of state organization, the structuring of society, and the harmonious combination of relations between people. The valiant will meet the prudent. This is how we discover the dialogue between philosophical logos, political reality and economic truth.

In this space, anyone can "measure" their powers in writing without having to "enter" into a "competitive fight to win prizes and prizes of money". Only intellect could travel so uniquely far where the vision and powerlessness of technology could reveal the virtue of spirit and mother of knowledge — philosophy. I wish to share this journey of ours in the name of truth, love, and of the birth matrix of life. In the name of true happiness, of free-thinking, but also in the name of reason. In the name of the development of the spirit, and not necessarily the altar of ancilla oeconomiae. Has the time for social philosophy to speak arrived...?
Life is a wonderful periphery.

Ioakeim Kalamaris


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